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INSIDE THE OCTAGON 2 is still available for purchase for a limited time only!

In 1992, Roadster Productions began a cinematic journey to produce a comprehensive documentary film history of the M.G. Car Company. The result, INSIDE THE OCTAGON, M.G.: 1921-1945, was an award-winning, worldwide success among M.G. enthusiasts.

INSIDE THE OCTAGON 2, MG: 1946-1980 picks up the story of the post-war MGs, including their record-breaking speed victories and their pivotal role in igniting America’s great love affair with sports cars.

INSIDE THE OCTAGON 2 gives you the insider’s look at this beloved British sports car with

  • Irreplaceable interviews with MG personalities, including the late John Thornley, who served as general manager of the MG Car Company
  • Rare newsreel film footage of record-breaking MGs
  • Gorgeous color video of collectors’ MGs
  • Bonus interview with John Thornley’s son Peter

Because this 86-minute documentary was completed with the support of MG enthusiasts and car clubs everywhere, INSIDE THE OCTAGON 2 is truly a celebration of the marque. Although much of INSIDE THE OCTAGON 2 was filmed concurrently with the first film, the high production costs shelved the film for nearly 17 years.  But when the video became a sponsored project of the nonprofit Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP), tax-deductible contributions signaled the overwhelming encouragement and commitment of MG owners and organizations to see the project completed.  

Thanks to those with an interest in preserving the history of the MG, INSIDE THE OCTAGON 2 was produced and distributed worldwide!

Approximately 86 minutes
Color and b/w

DVD $19.98 (USD) + shipping and sales tax where applicable.

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INSIDE THE OCTAGON 2 is a sponsored project of the Southwest Alternate Media Project (SWAMP)



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